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The Handball Days games take place at two different venues in Lübeck. A shuttle bus will take you back and forth between games. In addition, the Nations Cup games for the U18 national teams take place in the Hansehalle.

Spielstätte Lohmühle


The Lohmühle is actually home to VFB Lübeck, the 3rd football league. Handball reigns supreme here for a weekend. The games take place in a great atmosphere on 18 fields on real and artificial turf. A large marquee, a sporting goods store, a large food court and a fun area round off the location. The legendary disco for all participants takes place here on Saturday evening and the award ceremonies on Sunday.

If you come by car, you can park your vehicle in two large parking spaces. The connection by public transport is also very good. A shuttle bus also runs back and forth between the venues and the accommodation.

Map view

bei der Lohmühle 13

23554 Lübeck

Location map Lohmühle


The Buniamshof in the heart of Lübeck is actually an athletics station and American football is occasionally played here. 

During the Handball Days, the station will be converted and 10 handball fields will be set up. There is a covered grandstand, lots of food stalls and a lot of good atmosphere.  

Biniamshof location map
Map view

Wallstraße 36

23560 Lübeck

Spielstätte Buniamshof
Spielstätte Hansehalle


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The home games of the handball second division team VFL Lübeck-Schwartau or the games of the A-Youth Bundesliga team MTV Lübeck usually take place in the Lübeck Hansehalle at the Lohmühle. During the Handball Days, the Hansehalle is the venue for the Nations Cup with the U18 national teams. Admission to the games is free for all participants of the Handball Days.

bei der Lohmühle 13

23554 Lübeck

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