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Here you will find answers to your questions about the Handball Days Lübeck

If you still have questions, write us a message.

Youth Cup

In the Youth Cup, all male and female teams play according to the years listed below. After the preliminary rounds, an A and B cup will be played. All age groups play for two to three days.
 2005 =>  Seniors
A-youth   2006-2007
B-youth   2008-2009
C-youth    2010-2011
D-Youth    2012-2013
E-youth     2014-2015
Mini mix      >= 2016


Until when do I have to pay anything?

In the Nations Cup, female and male U18/U19 national teams play for victory in the Hansehalle.


Elementary School Cup

Interested primary schools from Lübeck and the surrounding area can register for the primary school cup. The game is always played on Thursday mornings at the Lohmühle. Boys and girls can play mixed on one team here.  


Inclusion Cup

The Inclusion Cup is particularly important to us. Mixed men and women can register here as an inclusion team. There haven't been that many teams so far, but we're looking forward to every participant.


Who can take part in the tournament?

Only teams organized in handball clubs or schools are admitted to the tournament. 


Prizes and award ceremony

Certificates, trophies and non-cash prizes will be awarded to the first four places in the A Cup. The winners of the B Cup also receive prizes. A maximum of 14 prizes will be awarded to each team (including supervisors), the team list is decisive.


Until when can I register for the tournament?

The registration deadline is May 31, 2024


Until when do I have to pay anything?

The registration fees and the deposit must be received in our account by the registration deadline on May 31, 2024. Our IBAN is: DE91 2135 2240 0134 9810 00

The meal costs must be paid upon arrival at the tournament village or cafeteria at the latest.


What rules are used to play?

The game is played according to the rules and statutes of the IHF, unless there are additional or changes to the tournament regulations. The tournament regulations can be viewed here.


What is there to consider for teams without food and accommodation packages?

Registration in the tournament village is not necessary. The prerequisite is payment of registration fees and online registration of all players.


Where will you stay overnight?

You will spend the night in classrooms and sports halls in schools in Lübeck. The classrooms cannot be locked separately.


On which days does the Minimix play?

The minis play on Saturday and Sunday.


Where do the games take place?

The tournament and games all take place in Lübeck at at least two locations on grass and hard rubber courts. The main location is the Lohmühle with 18 fields, a large marquee, a food court and a large supporting program. The second venue is the Buniamshof with a total of 12 playing fields, various food stalls and a supporting program. 


Lohmühle venue

Football is actually played on the Lohmühle, but once a year the facility is taken over by handball players from all over the world. There are a total of 18 grass and artificial turf pitches, a huge marquee, a food court and a colorful supporting program. 
The address is: Bei der Lohmühle 13, 23554 Lübeck
 (Map view)



Buniamshof venue

The Buniamshof athletics station is located in the heart of Lübeck. There are a total of 12 playing fields on grass and hard rubber. Various food stalls and a small supporting program ensure your physical well-being.
The address is: Wallstraße 36, 23560 Lübeck (Map view)


Hansehalle venue

The Hansehalle is located directly at the Lohmühle and is where the Nations Cup takes place. 


What is ProCup?

ProCup is a tournament software that supports us with the entire organization and implementation of the games. Registration for the tournament takes place directlyProCup. Here you will find all the necessary information. Also download the app to view the fixtures and results.


When do the Handball Days officially start?

The Handball Days Luebeck starts with an opening ceremony on Friday in the Hansehalle. The official throw-off then takes place. Internal club events take place on Thursday.


Where can I park?

There are numerous on the Lohmühle siteParking spacesavailable. 
Unfortunately there are only very few at BuniamshofParking spacesavailable directly on Possehlstrasse.


Overnight accommodation for those traveling with you

If you still need accommodation for the fans, please contact:
Lübeck and Travemünde Marketing GmbH
Tel.: +49 451-8899700 //

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