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Highlights of the Handball Days


The Handball Days Luebeck have been a fixture in the program for the youth national teams for years. In the Hansehalle there is top-class youth handball from different nations.

Lohmühle with 18 fields

Football is actually played here, but once a year the facility is taken over by handball players from all over the world. 

 Supporting program

We offer all participants an extensive supporting program over the entire weekend. Regardless of whether Eopening ceremony, Disco, Couches Lounge, Fun by the river or oneRaffle with high-quality prizes - there's something for everyone here.

Bunisamshof as a 2nd venue

In order to accommodate all teams, the Buniamshof athletics station with 12 courts in the heart of Lübeck is the second large venue at the Handball Days.

Sven Foitzik, tournament director

"It's a big challenge every year and a great time putting together the tournament as a team."

Who we are

The International Handball Days Support Association has been organizing the Handball Days Lübeck every year since 1995. We started with a few teams on the sports field on Kalkbrennerstrasse. Since this first tournament and the following ones brought a lot of joy to both the participants and supervisors as well as the organizers, the event grew bigger and bigger. After a short time, we moved to the Falkenwiese sports facility. In 2017, the Handball Days moved to the Lohmühle and were therefore able to use the Hansehalle. With around 350 teams now, the Buniamshof stadium was added a few years ago. As the size has increased, so has the organization team, which organizes the second largest youth handball tournament in the world every year on a voluntary basis.

Handball Days Luebeck The helper team

Do you have any questions?

We look forward to welcoming you to our next tournament. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - whether by phone, social media or the form next door. 

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